Obama trying to look like a bad ass


Obama is such a poser.  Like he was really so MAD that he did this out of anger.  Give me a break.
Sorry Barack.  But this is how I will always remember you.

Obama is a fag

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How far they’ve moved toward socialism

Santa Obama

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It’s up to you to make it happen


Don’t expect things to happen to make you happy or successful that you didn’t bring about yourself.  Stop blaming others for your short-comings.  Stop making excuses.  Put more effort into your day.  Spend more time making your spouse happy.  Pay more attention to your employers needs and make them need you more.  Think about your religion or values system every day.  Tell your children that they are loved.  It’s up to you to make it happen and no one else.

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What happened to us?

The Lone RangerI was up a little late last night watching TV and looking at Facebook on my cell phone, when the Lone Ranger came on.
Now, Having never watched this show, I figured I’d leave it on to witness the campiness of such an old program made for kids.  A lot of the acting and staging was quite campy, but I noticed something else that I found interesting.
The story starts with a pretty singer in a stage coach with her handler on her way to her next gig in the next town.  The stage coach was approached by robbers, which the Lone Ranger chased away.  The singer has a French accent, and during the show accidentally reveals to The Lone Ranger that she is in fact American and is faking the accent to draw a larger crowd to her singing events.   The Lone Ranger convinces her that she should, by the end of the show, out herself to her audience because she should be proud to be American.  So the show ends with a nice lesson on why you should be proud of your American heritage.
Then I started thinking how we never hear this message any more.  I only hear it from my friends and people that I choose to associate with, but you never hear it on TV programming, News media, etc…  All you hear are people tearing down the things that make America great.  There are more people promoting the rights of radical Muslims to stone their wife for speaking ill of their husband than there are people promoting good wholesome western values and personal freedoms.  It saddens me that we’ve drifted so far from just being good people and doing the right thing.
Lets start being Americans again.
We should be proud of our culture.  Our “American Culture”.

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Judo is cool

Spinning Take-down

It’s so cool to see the grace of the grappling arts.  You know the saying “With enough leverage, one can move the world”.  Well look at the size of this young girl and the power that she can wield with the leverage that she’s getting on that guys head!  LOL  Awesome!

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The man who shot Usama Bin Laden?

Bin Laden Shootersm-spacerI was driving to work this morning, listening to the radio, and I’m hearing that Fox News is going to do a two hour show on the guy who shot Usama Bin Laden.  WHY???!!!  I hear the Navy Seal’s name is Robert.  Does Robert have a death wish?  I’m thinking that the nuts that followed Bin Laden will work endlessly to make sure that poor Robby is dead before he is cut down by old age.  The Fox special claims to take you to Roberts home town – Show us how he grew up and what influenced his life.

sm-spacerThis sure is a great was to tell the bad guys where to find him, or even worse, members of his family.  I don’t know what is motivating this story or why Robert is so whiling to offer himself up as a sacrificial lamb, but I’m tell’in you, this is not going end well.  Even if we don’t hear about if for 5 or 10 years.

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The War on Women

The hypocrisy of the left

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